Transport Sector

Since 2002 we have built up solid relationships with leading equipment manufacturers and systems aggregators within rail, air, bus and underground. Installing CCTV, Customer Information Systems, Help Points, Access Control, Digital Clock Maintenance and Public Address Systems.

CIS Services help with improvements to stations as part of the National Stations Improvement Programme (NSIP). Projects included the GRIP design and delivery of new CCTV, Customer Information, PHP, PA and Electronic Security Systems (i.e. Intruder and Access Control)

Case Study 1: Peterborough Station Improvements, National Rail

The existing presentation of the ticket hall’s CIS at Peterborough Station was generally regarded as less than satisfactory in terms of readability of the displays as they relied on much of the text scrolling from right to left in order to show the full range of calling stops of departing trains. National Station Improvement Programme funding has been used to make a range of beneficial changes to customer information displays at Peterborough Station.

Infotec supplied the replacement screens for the improvements including screens for the main concourse display at the station; CIS Services was involved with the improvements that were made at the station by installing 12 CIS Displays, this has improved the amount of information provided for customers. As well as replacing the landscape displays with new portrait designed displays on the main concourse, they have provided extra Next Train Displays, A Special Notice Board Display and a new Summary of Arrivals Display.

Case Study 2: Billericay Station, Essex

The purpose of this project was to deliver improvements to Billericay Station as part of the Department for Transport backed National Stations Improvement Program for the benefit of the customers using the station. CIS Services installed the Information Systems and the CCTV in and around the station.

Case Study 3: Heathrow Express, London

Retro-fit x68 22” screens into 17 lifts, working with the existing lift technology evaluating the most efficient method of installation.

Installed x70 22″ screens up two sets of escalators in a similar method to the London Underground screens.

Installed x30 32″ screens along the walkway between terminals two and three including manufacturing bespoke metal panelling for the new corridor.

Overall 168 screens where installed within the airport by CIS Services.